Returns & Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

Our Return Policy

PromoVentures / CalWaterGear goes to great lengths to ensure that all orders are filled accurately, on time, and with the highest possible quality. Accordingly, we will only allow returns and refund payment if and when customers are disappointed by the merchandise for one of the following reasons:

  • The items themselves are materially flawed.
  • The quality of the decorating (i.e., the printing or embroidery) is below a reasonable range of expectations
  • The final product is materially different from the product that was ordered as it was displayed in the web site.

In the event that product you received meets the above criteria and you wish to return it, contact us at and we will arrange a pickup with either UPS or FEDEX. We will transport the goods back to PromoVentures on our account for inspection and upon confirming the defects/differences we will either replace the goods to your satisfaction or we will issue a full refund to your credit card.


For orders of items that are not available in “ready to ship” inventory, a production run must be completed in order to decorate the merchandise with a company brand or logo. Notice of the cancellation of these orders must be given within one business day of the order being placed. Once production has begun, there are no more cancellations. Canceled orders may be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee of the blank merchandise.

Limit of Responsibility

PromoVentures / CalWaterGear does not assume responsibility for malfunctions in communications that do not fall under our control which may affect the accuracy or timeliness of any orders. PromoVentures/ CalWaterGear is not responsible for any losses of information or delays in transmission of orders arising from the End-User’s choice of Internet Service Provider or caused by any browser software or any computer virus or related problem that may be attributable to services provided by any Internet Service Provider. PromoVentures /CalWaterGear is not responsible should you give incorrect instructions or if your credit-card payment is not processed by your credit card company.

PromoVentures / CalWaterGear will not be held responsible in any way for shipping delays that are beyond our control. The preferred shipping company for most orders is UPS and all of their transit options are available through this web site. In the event that UPS does not meet its shipping obligations to our customers, PromoVentures/CalWaterGear will do everything within our power to work with the carrier and the client to resolve the shipping situation.